The Bouncebackability* Test

*Noun: The capacity to recover quickly from a setback

We adopt a simple and effective equation

Happy & Engaged People = Swifter & Stronger Recovery

Is your company People-Ready?

These are strange times for everyone. On the surface you may think your employees have adapted well to being isolated at home, whether furloughed or not.  But how certain can you be that when the office doors open again they’ll be ready to simply walk back in with both their heads and their hearts? Working in isolation can be great for many people, but for many more they may have started to question everything:

So ask yourself  “is your company people-ready for the economic bounce?”

How can we help?

We will talk to all of your isolated employees and ask them carefully considered and bespoke questions around how they’re feeling about your company. We’ll then derive any insight we get from their answers and present our findings, thoughts and recommendations back to your business. This will…

If you’re curious to know more we’d love to talk to you – the only cost to you will be your time.

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