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The benefits of a Talent Pipeline….they’re enormous!

Karen has resigned!  She’s been thinking about it for a while and finally, here’s the resignation letter.  She can’t wait to retrain as a dolphin …

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A guide to Virtual Onboarding

As weeks of restricted movement now turn to months and we adapt from the initial shock and the need to steady the immediate ship to …

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You can’t spell Hero without HR

How do you define an essential worker? It’s the question lots of people have been asking. There are obvious vocations like the NHS, the forces, …

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The Psychological Contract

Proud Uncle Moment! On a recent visit to see my niece, Charlotte, who is studying Psychology and Business at Uni in Birmingham, over one too …

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The Imperfect Guide to writing a CV

The reason this is not a perfect guide is that there is no perfect method of writing or structuring a CV. Everyone has their own …

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IR35…what it means to you.

IR35 is a very hot topic at the moment.  It isn’t however a new thing, but from April 2020 there will be some additional changes …

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A New Year reflection

OK so this is a bit different to previous blogs I’ve written but it’s January and I’m feeling cathartic. Maybe it’s also because I’ve finally …

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Run a Brilliant Assessment Centre Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Run a brilliant Assessment Centre

An Assessment Centre combines a number of tasks and exercises to test a group of potential applicants for open opportunities within your company.  The standard …

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Recruitment Metrics Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Recruitment Metrics

Like any other area of your business it is essential that you keep a firm handle on key statistics relating to your recruitment efforts on …

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Recruitment Advertising Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Recruitment Advertising

What may seem entirely obvious seems to constantly be ignored when it comes to recruitment advertising. When you advertise a role the sole purpose, aside …

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Boarding Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Pre-Boarding and On-Boarding

What is pre-boarding? Put simply pre-boarding is the time between a candidate accepting an offer of employment to starting on day one. Another phrase we’ve …

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Talent Mapping Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Talent Market Mapping

What is it? We’re often asked this question and it’s a difficult thing to define. To put it simply it’s… …the art of using competitive …

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Job Spec Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

How to write an effective job specification

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, an effective and insightful job specification is essential when looking to fill a position successfully.  What ultimately seems like …

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Exit Interviews Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Why you should take Exit Interviews seriously?

What’s the point?  It never ceases to amaze us how many clients still don’t carry out exit interviews with their outgoing employees. You may think …

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Employee Referral Programmes Blog Featured Image - Blue Zebra Talent

Employee Referral Programmes

What are they? By definition employee referral is a structured programme employers put in place to encourage and incentivise their employees to recommend candidates from …

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