Daniel Brenchley

My recruitment experience dates back to the days of trying to fax 10 CV’s during the power cuts (ok I exaggerate slightly!). Having run my own Recruitment company since 2003 I’ve seen the market change hugely in that time. The importance of talent management has become crucial to commercial growth as a core function within the business. I’m so excited about the opportunities Blue Zebra provides our clients, and the way we build genuine partnerships with them to ensure their talent agenda remains critical to the business culture and its growth

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Recruitment Metrics

Like any other area of your business it is essential that you keep a firm handle on key statistics relating to your recruitment efforts on an ongoing basis.  This will ensure that you are able to assess not only what your company is doing well, but more importantly to highlight key areas of concern which …

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Effective interviewing

Interviews are all too often something which people just end up doing as they progress within their career.  You finally hit that infamous Manager level and the next thing you know, you’re in a windowless room, a crumpled, poorly aligned and unread CV in hand and expected to convince this poor unsuspecting applicant that you’re …

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Dyslexia at Work

Dyslexia is incredibly prevalent in our society and is a specific learning difficulty which affects around 1 in 10 of us.  There is therefore every chance that someone within your family or social circle may have dyslexia but there is also every chance you may not know as it is often not something which people …

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